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good tuesday morning and thank you for start new your day with kron 4 morning news this is all low cloud of our roof camera we're going to do a quick check on traffic and weather. >> cool temperatures for today and all have more on this forecast, not >> on the northbound direction on to 80 the road is completely blocked we
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will have a live report. >> residents are shot of the death of 14 year-old girl she may have had too much alcohol at her home. she was invited to the sleepover but was unable to go than nine. >> sonoma county sheriff that it should be say she made it a drought soda laced with vodka. >> they text me when i was in church they said caylee is not ok. when my friend
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first told me i thought she was joking i think it was just a spear of the moment thing she would never do anything like an backup she is a straight up people per cent and then a student she always watches over everyone and make right choices she was the one i could really trust from all of my friends. >> she is glad her mother did not go to the sleepover said the mother. if there's anything you can do foot as a parent to install right values and tell them not to do that.
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>> sheriff's deputies said they are unsure debt charges will be filed against her parents ari. >> the protesters demonstrated at the civic center his station causing a stoppage at that station. >> what began as a peaceful demonstration quickly escalated into chaos. protesters were not only treading others a boarded it and this man tried to climb on top of it he was not successful it was at this point police moved. for
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safety reasons bart shut down at the civic center station. police forced everyone inside the station to leave. demonstrators weren't there to protest the shooting of the homeless man. protesters said enough is enough >> they could have dealt with it in another way without shooting him we are demanding that the bart police cease and desist. >> the station is now all planned but it was closed for two-21 half hours.
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>> after forcing at the closing of the bart station protesters took to the streets there in one man was taken to jail for public intoxication. >> the u.s. coast guard is gonna continued his search for the seven bay area fishermen better still missing. yesterday the coast guard ended its seventh search. there's still no sign of the missing fishermen carrie. that's 19 survivors are now on their way halomee.
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>> 2 of his cousin are still missing he also photograph of his best friends and happier times they clung to a call cooler for over 18 hours. >> nothing to three guys a cooler and an empty sky. >> it was bleak and desolate back and they keep each other alive now. they were given hershey chocolate kisses. and he is happy to
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be a home with his whit wife. >> similar forecast as to what what we had yesterday. why it spread fog we're also going to keep it pretty bit breezy today. this is our look of the radar maps it is stretching alway into the south bay area. a lot of drizzle out there also this
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is the look of the wind speeds correct currently. this is a look of the temperatures we are experiencing right now throughout the bay area and then by the afternoon temperatures will he got a little. it will be a cool day along the coast pain. and this is a look of your seven day forecast it warms up nicely for the weekend.
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>> we're looking at this hotspot lots of police activity as you make your way in that direction it is a single color the entire roadway is entirely up blocked off this is northbound to 80 to the 19th avenue exit. we will have more on this alert later. the fog is in the area as you conceive at the toll plaza and the san mateo bridge is a nice and smooth.
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southbound 101 it is pretty clear now major delays to report >> we'll take a break right now and when we come back and we will take look of what is all going on out there.
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comment from that bay area it will be seen on the show boarding evidently his car house is piled high with junkyards'. how
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>> large is your property? >> i hundred and 16 a.. >> he has a lot of trash and john cars on his property near boulder creek. >> we like to purchase new things instead of taking care of the old things. >> he says he is no order >> from my perspective is resources on how things are made very
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>> he ser's of firewood and other things to sustain himself a lot of the junk belongs to other people. >> as being undeveloped property i'm not permitted and have anything on ed perry >> trash as value and at the dvd all made a deal with the firm called of god jumper. >> you should look what you have and see if it has any value of fire that damaged a daily elementary school the
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flames broke out late sunday night they found a three spots where someone tried to start the blaze the investigation is ongoing. >> was have more on the heat wave a sweeping of the country and we will have more on the morning commuters and other news more on the morning commuters and other news items one we return. reputatio. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked. protecting your social security number,
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order now and also get this document shredder to keep your personal documents out of the wrong hands... a $29 value, free. get the protection you need right now! ♪ ♪ ♪ a lot of areas have seen the i heat wave a lot of places that are a hundred degrees and about. >> in eleanor of 51 year-old
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man ag died, because of excessive heat is air- conditioning was not working. it caused a row debacle. a dozen or runners wore overcome by the key to and they had to cancel the marathon. >> your brain cannot function if you get too hot >> hi record temperatures have been recorded in several states. >> and we will talk about our weather when it should is just the opposite is
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very cool. >> this is current temperature in downtown san francisco and the expected high for the day by 10:00 a.m. we will see the fog hanging on justice and little. by the afternoon we will see breaks in the fog out turkiscover. we are not donh the fog he had we will have another morning of this cloud cover and fog
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combination. this is a look at temperatures around the bay area right now and as we go into the afternoon it will remain cool out there. will get up to about 70 degrees in mountain view today this is a look of your seven day forecast we're talking about fog andretti's lola and all little bit breezy. little warm-up starting for the weekend and
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not check on >> a commute> it could be off to a bad start especially if you are northbound on to 80 this was the scene of of the potential fatal accident. they are expecting to have is cleared by the 5:00 a.m. our hot.earlier this morning of vehicle collided with a pedestrian. hughes the san jose off ramp as your alternate route. the toll
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plaza is practically empty write-down at the san mateo bridge everything looks been and the southbound 101 no problems to report. those taking public transit no delays to report. >> this is a live look outside from our roof camera allowed little wet this morning. stay with us we will have much more straight ahead on the kron 4 morning news
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the marathon sessions in congress a continues their meeting to discuss the debt limit. >> president barack obama held a a meeting of with congressional leaders the two sides need to come to a resolution i am prepared to take gone hepplewhite heat from my party to get something and i expect the other side to do just the same. >> they wanna make cuts to medicare medicaid and social security. they signaled their is a long way to go >> government needs more
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revenue through higher taxes. we need to solve this perry >> it could lead to a national default on august 2nd. it would send a shock wave through the world market. >> downloading certain fault on give you an open door to hackers very quickly >> some of the hackers can
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access your apple products. it led cyber criminals access your information this is what it beast: from your account your password e-mail addresses contact list and your personal information. apple is aware of the problem and they will patch of the flora as soon as they can. i suggest you do not open any pta files. smart phones and tabloids are also susceptible. if you have an android smart phone you can
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all look out for mobile security. a tip for your eyes faun are all ipad make it password accessible. all lee visit reliable web sites do not serve the web with no regard as to who and what you are visiting. >> we will take a quick break and we'll come back with its top stories whether and traffic and this is look at the san francisco golden gate bridge.
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olivetti draws a lot there and fog perr. >> we are not making any progress in the the fatal oxidant of the was on the road way we will have more on this coming up a teenager is recovering in hospital this morning after someone shot him this is the second incident in less than a week. >> he never goes there why we go there and umpire he always stay home. i don't
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know why he would be out there on the trail. >> in other news this morning the matter further attorney that is been accused of stealing the picasso painting has pled not guilty >> this is mark logo the man accused of stealing the picasso he whizzed in court on monday-of. >> this is not the crime of the century. >> he said it is + client will plead not guilty.
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>> i think this sketch is more important to the gallery this week that was last week. >> he said off-camera that this case has been on macmillan of proportion. >> richmond police are saying now the shooting of three men was gang related
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or drug related. >> the reward for the missing nursing student has increased their reward now is up to $100,000. police are treating this as a homicide >> and we'll talk about are not so nice out weather forecast. >> a lot of people like that cool down especially in land we will see widespread fog continue. is the look of
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the fog as it progresses. winds are currently 10 mi. per hour 20 in fairfield. this is a look of current temperatures right now as we head into the afternoon we will have lows '70s. and this is a look of your seven day forecast through
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thursday got temperatures will be cool then starting the weekend it will start warming ups. >> from the beginning of our broadcast for a.m. we showed you this accident in north bound to 80 it was a fatal accident in has been held there since 338 this morning of vehicle collided with a pedestrian lot of california highway patrol on scene it is currently
4:37 am
blocking the road way we are not seen much a slowdown on right now. this area will be shut down until around 5:00 a.m.. on the bay bridge and no accidents to report or hotspots. the san mateo bridge traffic is picking up in the west bound direction you may contend with over tonight construction until 5:00 a.m.. no major delays on the golden gate bridge.
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this is the down town area and no delays to report there is either >> jaycee dugard that was held captive for 18 years broke her silence. her memoir is being released today. she her interview with diane sawyer provided a lot of inside wall being held captive. >> she had no idea what was going on once she was kidnapped at 11 years of age. >> the gun down that was always terrifying. you'd
4:39 am
think it used to things. after years of being raped almost daily and the age 14 she became pregnant she went into labor in did not know what to do. they gave her some codeine and then that also helped with the delivery several years later she gave birth to another daughter she promised them that she would protect them. she taught them math and social studies her only having a fifth grade education herself. she always had helped she would
4:40 am
see her mother again. >> a civil suit against arnold schwarzenegger. the suit said source perry is guilty before not nullifying them out when their sons accuser was being released from jail. >> these cases have a lot of publicity for it from the beginning. folks will see the facts for what they are >> he's sent in an and to 16 years in gerald and then
4:41 am
they turned around and reduced this sends >> the family is trying to have a full 16 years is enforced. >> time now for for one we're following cooler temperatures in our weather today we will have more details on weather and traffic coming up [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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a 13 year-old autistic boy that went missing has been found safe they were passing out fliers in the san jose neighborhood. he hopped onto
4:44 am
a green tombaugh's and his parents said they have no idea why he left town. this is the first time he is ever done something like this. he's no >> is now safe and people think he may have wanted to go to hollywood. >> a programming change this friday starting at 8:00 p.m. now we will be running a of saturday night lights and at
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930 dateline and then the kron news at t)t)
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an update as to what is going on the roads. earlier around 3:30 a.m. there are reports of an accident it was a report of the of vehicle and a pedestrian it was a fatal accident and emergency crews are still on the screen and the road is blocked still blocked off. the california highway patrol hopes that this will be cleaned up by 5:00 a.m. this is our only hotspot are
4:48 am
around the bay area the only other thing we have to worry about is the of strong wind advisory. no unusual delays or other accidents or hot spots to report at this time. and now look at the full weather forecast >> we are seeing the same forecast over and over again lot of all low cloud color and a drizzle associated with the fog. as
4:49 am
we head into the afternoon we will see some clearing. the fog will stay put along the coast. we should wake up tool little bit more drizzle tomorrow morning. this is a look at temperatures right now are afternoon highs will be all lot cooler than what we normally have at this time of year. this is
4:50 am
look of your seven day forecast the sunshine comes back out for the weekend and we start warming ups. >> landed in news of the world has printed its final addition and now there are other allegations from newspapers better on by this same company. >> the list of possible victims is growing. they tried to bribe in new york police to get phone numbers of nine al-amin victims.
4:51 am
also the home phone number of the queen. the sunday time gained access to this son's medical records. brown's successor had this reaction >> in is the absence of basic standards. >> former editor is is expected to be questioned about hacking into two teenage motor victims phones. >> the mother and sister of
4:52 am
the slain girl are still waiting to hear from the newspaper. >> murdoch is still in london. the illegal after shocks are also reading this country. he might violated at the foreign corrupt law. >> the papers downfall is being held at by one of the people george michael >> we have new details on parking changes. we now know
4:53 am
what the change in prices is going to be. we have a quick looks on what plays is where the rates are going ups new rates are being lowered its it is on a demand that basic system perry then prices go into affect later on this month. if you want more information just total our website. >> we'll take a quick break and when we come back we will see people behaving and when we come back we will see people behaving badly. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information
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with our $1 million service guarantee. that's right. a $1 million service guarantee. don't wait until you become the next victim. call now to try lifelock risk free for 2 full months. that's right, 60 days risk free. use promo code: norisk. if you're not completely satisfied, notify lifelock and you won't pay a cent. order now and also get this document shredder to keep your personal documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value, free! get the protection you need right now. call or go to to try lifelock risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. bay area drivers are ignoring a new law that just went into affect and now
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we're going to look at people behaving badly. >> this motor officer is looking for their has ala that been on the books for a couple years it is called the move lower and slowed down long buried you should move over a lane all or a slowdown. that drive all wall have did scuds this new law with the an officer perry even with the officer writing a ticket see how many people moved over perry the driver claimed
4:57 am
they did not even know that the move over and slowdown all law was on the books. knut drivers are not giving freeway workers a break. move over or slowdown. is the law in redwood city stanley roberts. >> and now you tell if you have a comment you can talk to stanley people behaving badly at kron 4 dot com. >> this is live look outside right now and the golden gate bridge t)t)
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good morning and palisade tuition may be going up once again >> now they are claiming a others are responsible for the flame that killed upon several people last year. >> we have a street closure in a fact really are ramp closure it is northbound to 80. good thing is most of the traffic in that area is in the southbound lane. they
5:01 am
do have that connector close down this is a live look from the scene. and it was confirmed that it is a pedestrian fatality it will continue for a while pit they might be opening leads as early as 5:00 a.m.. this could mean that the investigation is almost over. it is on the this connecting ramp most of the traffic is heading in the opposite direction. in other traffic as we head to the
5:02 am
bay bridge and easy ride no problems and is you had to the san mateo bridge it is an easy commute and for marin county you will be contending with fog and drizzle. now whether >> the cool down continues as you look out at walnut creek it is currently 55 degrees and warm up to 74 degrees later on this afternoon. we will be talking more about the temperatures and the fog coming up >> tool acquisition might be going up once again to the california state university in. the board will consider
5:03 am
increasing undergraduate by 12 percent per this increase does not include rumble or our books. >> this explosion killed eight people last september they're making their request in court filings they're denying that the company should pay damages. there including the claim others that may be of responsible suffered in the last peblast.
5:04 am
>> of 40 mirror held and is dead and they think what a mixed with soda was the cause. this happened on sunday early morning. her mother woke up to two of our guests and vomiting she took care of them and put them back to bed the key they had eaten bad food. >> she is not the type of person you would expect to do something like then she is not like that i think it was just a spur the moment. she is a straight a student and a very good person she is always happy. she
5:05 am
watches over you and to make sure you make the right choices she was one of my best friends. >> they are not sure if charges will be filed against the dead girl's parents >> there was a protest yesterday because of a shooting that happened a week ago they were condemning of the officers that they were involved with the shooting. a hundred protesters gathered yesterday afternoon and want protester tried to get on top of the train when the stations were closed down. one arrest was made for public trash intoxication. tell us what you think
5:06 am
about this closed down how go our facebook page and like us and add your comments. jaycee >> dugard is now breaking her silence after being held captive for 18 years. in her first tv interview on sunday with diane sawyer she explains how she coped with a sexual object abuse and what it was like to be raped daily. >> this is live view from the space ship atlantis they are extending the mission by one day. we are looking at the crew in action at 5:45 a.m. two astronauts will venture out to retrieve a broken i monument pompous.
5:07 am
we are being told we will have live pictures we will let you now if they are available. >> this is a live look from our roof cam raw her we are waking up to local help lover and fog "
5:08 am
the fog is working its way into oakland and berkeley areas. it will research by 8:00 p.m. once again today the fog will be part of the mix for the next couple days. this is a look of current temperatures outside and we will warm up into the lower '70s today. this is a look of your seven
5:09 am
day forecast a fall will continue as we head into the weekend we will start warming up on saturday. next week warmer than this week. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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this is update job to our hotspot on the northbound at to 80 the good news is they are minutes away from reopening of this connecting ramp. they plan on getting this ramp open sooner than we had anticipated. we will
5:13 am
have more details coming ups. >> wall street whereas-they are down 40 and the concerns are about the european debt. they had the biggest percentage drop in a month perry the nasdaq fell at 57 perry >> half brother has been shot dead afghanistan. he was killed yesterday with a gathering of his bodyguard.
5:14 am
his brothers death is the suffering of everyone in afghanistan. >> they will be having a service firm former first lady betty ford today dignitaries will be meeting for this service today another service will be held in michigan and that is where she is going to be buried. >> and we have a quick break coming up as the kron 4 morning news will continue.
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replied + looks at the san mateo bridge bridge. we gotta go directly to the traffic center. >> as we reported a few
5:18 am
minutes ago a california highway patrol are now opening ups northbound to 80. in had been shut down and all lanes are now or a open. that is the end of our hotspot for today. you no longer need to concern yourself or change your plans are for a route. as we look of the toll plazas traffic volume is up a bit when it looks like a good ride and the san mateo bridge the right side looks
5:19 am
good it is the west bound commute and lasted the golden gate bridge the fog is a story there. we will be contending with fog brought the bay for quite some time and now look at the weather >> not just this morning but all week long this is cell look of our roof we will be dealing with a cool start with and drizzle and fog partly coffee and cooler as we head into the evening hours the fog will rebuild.
5:20 am
the fog is not that dance pitched just a wide spread. the wind is a little dusty it gets all little breezy as it works its way through the delta. this is a look a current temperatures by noontime we will have some '70s in the delta. a around
5:21 am
the water it will be 505 60s is a look at your seven day forecast. temperatures warm up as you can see later on in the week payer >> i shooting along up popular hiking trail could have been accidental. a 14 year-old was drinking alcohol with a friend and it appears that one of the two balkan a stolen gun the young man is recovering. and hayward the missing nursing
5:22 am
student have increased their reward award now is $100,000 family and volunteers continued research rural areas vermicelli. >> cause card well continue their search for the seven missing a fisherman they are a been missing over a week ago. there is still no sign of the man carryin.
5:23 am
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a quick check on weather. >> you really can't make it out but there is all low deck of cloud cover if you a live along the coast you're currently seeing fog. this is look of san mateo the
5:30 am
current temperature right now is 56 the allies today will be 64. we talking more about the fog in the wind coming up in a couple of minutes now we will check on traffic >> after are more early- morning hotspots all lanes have reopened. at the bay bridge toll to plaza we still have light traffic and we also have a wind advisory and i will have a complete check coming up. >> you might be paying more to go to college in california another tuition hike. >> when it comes to tuition hikes it is up to the board of trustees to raise the tuitions for the fall semester. it will bring in
5:31 am
hundreds of millions of dollars to the universities. under graduate tuition will come in and out of $588 increase the trustees said they might not have any choice since all the budget cuts. >> the bar review committee will discuss officer involved a shooting. yesterday's protesters gathered to protest that officers. they try to climb on top of this train three stations were closed down
5:32 am
and then were reopened later on. >> one of our facebook poppets and we are asking you about this disruption at the bart station. this is some other remarks we're receiving on are fake book page. if you would like to participate in our online discussion we might read it on the air. which >> mr. montana and his crew
5:33 am
are interested in building i end hotel restaurant and sports bar. there been going to decide whether to open it up to the animal or other groups. >> this morning will be last space shuttle walk this is a live look some of the satellite images we're still getting. two astronauts are going to venture out and u.s. space walk there going to retrieve and a broken ammonia compounds. they're gonna take it and bring it in to the docked atlantis and we will be getting a lot of pictures of this
5:34 am
happening and i will be coming back in 10 minutes to show you live shots if they are available. >> is chillier yet today. >> especially this afternoon a little more they sought a 12 degree drop yesterday. this is allowed a block at said james lick freeway. that cloud cover may turn into dense fog later on. our highs will be below normal later on this afternoon a warmer weather pattern will return starting on friday. this is a look
5:35 am
out from the satellite of the fog of earlier today. the fog will pull back by 10:00 a.m. and then it researches later on that by 8:00 p.m. this evening this is a look of your afternoon highs temperatures will
5:36 am
continue to fall and then start to climb back up on friday. >> good morning are or early morning hotspot has no ill affects. no major incidents or delays. moderate to light traffic. there is a wind advisory issued. pop-u the san
5:37 am
mateo bridge ride air has been smooth all morning long light traffic in both directions and the golden gate bridge is clear fog will be a factor and lightly some drizzle as you cross the span no delays on mass- transit leadet. >> they are trying to find out lyonnesse to be crashed into a fire station last night. we're taking a look of the damages >> fire officials at
5:38 am
station 27 didn't have to go park to respond. this happened around 11:00 p.m. last nine it plowed through the front door no one inside the fire house was injured. they were transpirtransferred ta hospital with minor injuries. it is a few scary
5:39 am
moments. they were coming off the off ramp phew and across four lanes of traffic they must that been going on high rate of speed. >> it is 5 a 38 and we will be back or in just a moment
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
reports of the assassination of been launched on they
5:43 am
wanted to make sure the a of a pack of leader was there. he is being held in custody as he is aspect of coal oblation. the u.s. drowns it struck in pakistan. pakistan is reese refusing to at tak afghanistan. >> they have beefed up security outside the embassy's after mobs, broke windows and sprayed the building with graffiti.
5:44 am
three embassy workers were injured. >> britain is expecting a large protest during the olympics. they are expecting terror attacks. they are saying that the threat will be severe. çñ ]s
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
5:48 am
we are looking at live shots as two astronauts are getting it ready to do a space walk. they are going to be doing a couple of experiments. it is just before 6:00 a.m. our time. we will have those pictures live. >> we want a look at the weather in see how the day is shaping up. >> this is the shot of the golden gate bridge and you conceive the fog visibility is. it is cool and there is
5:49 am
fog and drizzle this afternoon little be partly cloudy and all lot cooler the fog returns while you sleep. this is look of the satellite view of the fog and currently where is the winds is the other part of the story today this is look of the wind speeds right now. our inland locations are getting a cool down. this afternoon i will warm-
5:50 am
up our warmest temperature could possibly be just 75. friday we turn the corner and then slowly the temperatures will increase. temperatures will get back to normal next week. >> a much better ride right now than earlier. no hot spots to slow your ride anywhere in the bay area is that at the toll plaza lite traffic still. no delays through the macarthur maze
5:51 am
san mateo bridge. on the golden gate fog will be a factor and drizzle no delays are reported. and in subway our live camera and san jose. traffic is light approach. no delays on at a mass transfer application either. >> a programming note for this coming friday here on
5:52 am
kron 4 we will have friday night lights at 8:00 p.m. date line at 930 and then the kron news at yñsñkékékióç]s]s [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub.
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caltran has launched a new public safety campaign is called the move over it along. >> this california highway patrol officer is looking for a particular violator. there is a law that has been on the book for a couple of years it is for top truck drivers and law-enforcement it is called move over a
5:56 am
lane or slowdown. like his pickup truck bed seized the officer on the side of the road he moves over but the other truck in front of him and does not. even while the officer is writing the ticket. the driver claimed he was unaware that a law was on the books. there are numerous fatalities on the freeways. if you wanna say yourself a ticket move over
5:57 am
and slowdown win ever use see an officer or towed truck along the side of the road. >> we are following these live pictures coming from a spaceship and let us it is the last space walk. we will be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
and as you deeply it veers off the roadway and plows right into a fire station.

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